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The Graveyard Book
by Neil Gainman

Author: Neil Gainman
RRP: £7.99

The Graveyard book is an absolutely incredible story, and if your into that kind of genre, I strongly recommend it. Neil Gaiman is a brilliant author, and he creates a brilliant picture in your head of everything that is going on in the story.

The story is about a boy named Bod, who has lived in the Graveyard all his life where he has only been educated by ghosts. But however it says that there is danger for Bod in the graveyard, and that there's a man that had already killed Bods family. So there's lots of unsuspected surprises.

Neil's writing style is very different to what I usually read. It's very dark and captivating, and I was drawn into it the moment I read it. I could picture everything that was going on, as i f I was there in that actual story, and being in the boots of Bod. I found out about this book from the internet, and straight away brought the book, and took a massive shine to it the moment I picked it up. It's a great masterpiece of darkness and its definalty a must read.

My favorite part would be meeting Bod, and learning about him and his life in the graveyard. I don't think there was any parts at all that I disliked because I loved every second of it.

I would rate this book as a 5 star, and I recommend it to anyone that loves dark stories. The plot is incredible and you really can't put the book down, because it draws you in. And its a book youlle never forget.

Meghan Hoare (16)