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Warrior Cats: Into The Wild
by Erin Hunter

Author: Erin Hunter
RRP: £5.43

I believe this book was one of the best I've ever read. It is realistic, it shows empathy and a lot of emotion. It is book 1 of many and it describes the story of Rusty and his life as a clan cat. He begins as a kittypet, a house cat, and turns into a warrior!

Thunderclan take him in as their own after seeing his fighting ability after he had a little tussle with his future best friend Greypaw. Upon taking him in, BlueStar, the leader of Thunderclan, named him Firepaw. He trains and hunts throughout the days until it is time for him to become a warrior, he and his friend Greypaw become warriors at the same time. They both had to do their vigil, they must be silent for the entire night and guard the camp.

There are moments of joy, when the pair get their warrior names of Greystripe and Fireheart, moments of sadness, when a clan member sadly passes during war. Also when Fireheart was not a loud to eat for the rest of the day because he had fed a loner, a cat who does not belong to a clan, before his own camp. I overall loved this book and would recommend it to others. Once you've started reading, you can't stop!

Eryn Fletcher (11)