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My Fizz-Tastic Investigation
by Emily Gale

Author: Emily Gale
RRP: £4.99

Einstein the dog falls in love with the dog next door, Nancy, who is a robot dog. Eliza discovers that things are not what they should be. Eliza invents a potion to help Einstein and Nancy get together but it goes wrong. Instead of Nancy falling in love with Einstein the ants liked the sticky potion that Einstein was covered with and they fell in love with him.

Einstein had taken Plum’s night light (she won't sleep without it), Dad's spy pen and Alice's spybelt and hidden them in the garden next door. Alice also found a remote control in the house but was puzzled when it would not work on any of the items in her house. Will she solve this mystery?

The neighbour Mrs McNice was too nice. Eliza needed to keep her eyes on Mrs McNice as things where not as they should be …

Eliza discovered where the missing items that Einstein had hidden were and who the remote control belonged to. Eliza's mission had been a success, she cracked the code and also found out the person trying to steal her Dad’s inventions.

A good little read full of details and diary pages very easy to follow. Jamie enjoyed this book too. 

Teagan Pritchard and Jamie Pritchard (9)