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Forbidden Friends
by Anne-Marie Conway

Author: Anne-Marie Conway
RRP: £6.99

This tale is about two girls called Bee and Lizzie. One of them is home schooled another is at a posh school. They don't realise that they only live a few blocks apart. Or that they knew each other as baby's but is it all lies or do they really know each other.

When Bee's mum receives a letter her dad goes ballistic and when he saw some tickets he leaves. But Bee doesn't know why he left or where he went. It all comes apparent when she goes to Spain and meets a girl called Lizzie. They don't get on very well until they realise they've got more in common than they thought. But Lizzie has a secret, a secret which could change everything. Does Bee's mum know Lizzie's mum, is Lizzie really an only child? It will come apparent in forbidden friends.

This book is real page turner I would definitely recommend it to anyone. I love the chapters because it's not chapter 1, chapter 2... it goes from one girl to another like Bee, Lizzie, Bee, Lizzie so that is really nice.

I would recommend it to 10-15 year-olds definitely.

I would just say give it a try you never know you might like it.

Macy powles (11)