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butterfly summer
by anne-marie conway

Author: anne-marie conway

This book has very big twist to it and I can't give to much away as it ruin it for you so here it goes.

Becky and her mum move to Oakbridge, a very small village. When Becky is board, when she first moves there, she goes into her mums room to look for some magazines but she found something which could change her life for ever. It was a picture of a baby girl, her mum and her mum's mum, on the back she found something even more startling. The baby girl was born 12 years before Becky.

Was that something or what, it's probably one of the most favourite book I have ever read it has got tension and one massive twist which I liked the most.

I would always recommend it so give it a go.

Becky's Mum is the one with the secrets and tension which Becky is yet to find out...


Macy Powles (11)