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Crown of Midnight
by Sarah J. Maas

Author: Sarah J. Maas
RRP: £7.99

 In this thrilling adventure Celaena Sardothien (the king of Adarlan’s champion)is forced to decide others fate at the hand of the king, in order to win her own freedom before she crushes those around her. Celaena must fight for what she believes is right and have faith in unspeakable evil, forcing her to undergo perilous missions and having to find out more about her past. While she is torn between her two protectors: a Captain and a Crown Prince, Celaena is deceived by one of her closest allies resulting in a tragic death, letting her heart shatter Celaena turns her back on all that matters, allowing the darkness to seep through the castle going undetected; endangering those around her.Celaena must decide whether to fight her heart or fight the evil coming. Awakening a power within her she never knew she could use again…

I believe this book is worthy of a five star rating. I enjoyed this book because it has a female heroin doing typical manly duties such as: fighting, I believe this shows young girls not to back down but stand up for what they think is right. Also to not be fazed by boys dominating tasks, but instead believing in themselves and having courage to fulfil their duty.

Keira Cockburn (14)