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Harry Potter Colouring Book
by Warner Brothers

Author: Warner Brothers
RRP: £9.99

There is enough variety in this colouring book to keep Harry Potter fans of all ages and tastes happy. There are scenes taken directly from the movies, simpler designs of items, characters and places from the wizarding world and then more detailed abstract illustrations, so everyone is catered for whatever your colouring preferences.

A nice touch that I haven't seen in any other colouring books is the full colour stills and artwork at the back of the book, to give you a boost of inspiration if your memory (or imagination) fails you. If you want to stick to 'realistic' colours, they give you a nice little reminder of what should be what. (Although I don't think anyone who'd be interested in owning this colouring book would really need reminding what the colours for each house are, or that the knight bus is purple.)

One or two of the pictures, in particular the movie scene illustrations, are quite busy and so it is a bit difficult at first to distinguish which details belong where. For example in the 'Chamber of Secrets' scene, the background cavern is so detailed that the giant snake statues almost get lost. But I'm just being picky, because basically if you like Harry Potter, and you like colouring, then I can't think of anything better than this book!

(Don't forget you can preview some of the colouring book on Amazon!)


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Jenni Bannister, Young Writers' Editorial Manager (18+)