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Tomb of Doom: Sam Swann's Movie Mysteries
by Tanya Landman

Author: Tanya Landman
RRP: £5.99

Sam's dad works for a film crew, who are filming Tomb of Doom. Tink gets a mysterious illness. Tink and Sam are followed by a sinister (beserk!) stranger. What is this all about ... ?

The main characters are Sam Swann and Tinkabelle Cherry. Tink is cute and sometimes moody. Sam is funny and know a lot about films.

I liked the part where Sam tries on a spacesuit - the zip was stuck so he used superglue (he thought it was oil!). My favourite part is where Tink and Sam are chased by Americans and end up on a plane! At the beginning I thought the story was gross - T.M.I!! But as I read on it was exciting and interesting. There were funny bits, but not scary bits as the book said. The story made me think about King Tut and how he was robbed, and movies as well. By reading the book I learned about movie facts, very interesting! For example, how the actor for The Wizard of Oz had to drop out due to an allergy. Also, how Steven Spielberg shot scenes of E.T. in the right order (not known or heard of!) to get real emotion into the child actors. His plan worked as Elliot, at the end, was crying for real!

Recommended for readers aged 9+

Caleb Joshua Perkins (10)