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by Tim Bowler

Author: Tim Bowler
RRP: £7.99

Stormcatchers is a fictional book aimed at teens despite its air of maturity. The story is centred around a young, wealthy family; Sam, the youngest, Ella and Fin the oldest. At the start you get a taste of Fin's personality despite his absence from the beginning scenes. Unlike most mystery/thriller novels this story develops quickly without losing it's expected confusion, you enter a wreck of emotions and secrets.

Tim Bowler exceptionally introduces the characters keeping their personalities guised but you feel an inevitable attachment. His description is impeccable and the emotions throughout the story are conveyed almost effortlessly. Within the book you are put into scenes with elements of mystery, some display grief as well as regret, fear, anger and confusion. The setting described in the story furnishes the book with an air of simplicity that entices the reader creating an unrivalled page-turner.

I would recommend this book to anyone above the age of 13, I have thoroughly enjoyed this book and it is amongst some of my favourites. It may seem short but with all the language and fast-paced action, reading it is not as simple.

Humairaa Daud (14)