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The Da Vinci Code
by Dan Brown

Author: Dan Brown
RRP: £7.99

Robert Langdon- a character used in four of Dan Brown's books, is an unassuming American professor of symbology and finds himself thrown into the exhilarating world of action, mystery and deceit he had previously studied as little more than a legend: the quest for the Holy Grail. He is first introduced visiting Paris for his first meeting with the renowned curator of the Louvre art museum, of whom, after a shocking turn of events, he soon finds himself being framed for the murder. He is thereafter deeply immersed in two very pressing concerns: the burden of unearthing of the western world's biggest secret and that of avoiding capture from the french Judicial Police.

Captivatingly written, the story is gripping in every sense of the word, and leaps from strength to strength as the complexity of the plot thickens and all becomes clear.

Another worthy note would be the accessibility and pace of the book. This is not something that is hard to get into, yet is entirely impossible to get out of.

An unavoidable read; undoubtedly among the best in it's genre.

Jack Mackey (16)