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Ways To Live Forever
by Sally Nicholls

Author: Sally Nicholls

"Ways To Live Forever" by Sally Nicholls may not be the newest book around but it most definitely still has the power to move the children who read it today! The popular title follows the young life of Sam, an 11-year old boy facing one very crucial disaster: illness.

Sam has leukemia which causes him to worry and question about death. The moving story goes on to tell you about how he and his friend, Felix (also fatally sick) explore the information that surrounds the topic of dying. They find out about afterlife and spirits and try new things like playing with Ouija boards! As well as this, they do the best they can to experience everything they would like to in their lives before they end. My favourite part has to be when Sam got the chance to fly high in the sky in a huge airship; after wanting to do this for so long, it shows the main character that dreams can come true and there is always hope, even during rough times.

The story contains a lot of unexpected and touching moments that are sure to bring a tear to your eye. The author clearly gets her message across: not to count the days but to make the days count! As a bonus, this book teaches youth about many other aspects. The award-winning story tells us about different facts that we can all benefit from and how to go about life and make the best out of a not-so-great situation.

This classic is one you'll want to read again and again...

Daniel Finch (11)