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by Marianne Curley

Author: Marianne Curley
RRP: £6.99

Hidden follows the story of a girl named Ebony, who has had quite a sheltered life and has never really been allowed to travel. When strange things begin happening to her, herworld turns upside down.

The novel itself is told in dual perspective, following Ebony and a boy named Jordan. Ebony and Jordan are connected. However, unlike other stories where the protagonists are connected, this one doesn't have them fall in love. There is also no love triangle, which has become the norm in Young Adult literature now. There are supernatural creatures and adventure, which makes this novel similar to many others around but at the same time something different to enjoy.

Parts of the novel do seem a little bit unrealistic (not the supernatural things as they are supposed to be unrealistic), but Curley makes it feel like it would be normal, which she must be commended for.

Overall, I feel that this novel is a very good read and is very enjoyable. I would recommend this novel to anyone aged 13+.

Avena series overview

This is a very enjoyable series that had me hooked from page one. Curley uses the perfect blend of romance, supernatural creatures and action that the novels do not get repetitive. Curley has created a vivid world that anyone can get lost in, using description to create the world and the characters, developing them and making them realistic. Ebony is a brilliant heroine and can be related to in many ways. Yes, she is the typical Young Adult heroine, but she has her own quirks and vulnerabilities that makes her likable.

My only criticism would be that some characters, I felt, were unnecessary and could have been taken out. However, these characters are still enjoyable.

The first two novels are exciting, funny and interesting. I am really looking forward to the third novel and will happily reread this and recommend this to my friends!

Overall, I reccomend this series to anyone who likes action, romance, supernatural creatures and brilliantly developed characters who is aged 13+.


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Shona Elrick (14)