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Dork Diaries - Drama Queen
by Rachel Renee Russel

Author: Rachel Renee Russel
RRP: £10.99

Dork Diaries is a hilarious bestseller that captures the feelings of a total dork facing middle school with a bug extermination scholarship (hi, Max the Roach!).  In the ninth book of the series Nikki (the one and only queen of the dorks.........and this diary) has actually LOST HER DIARY!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!! And unfortunately, the meanest girl in her middle school comes across this diary and carries on the diary, making it all about her FABGLAMOUROUS life (which, BTW is fabulous and glamorous all in one).

It's the one of the best books I've ever read and it makes me feel way happy about my life because nikki has a WAY dorkier life than mine. I mean seriously, Brianna (Nikki's little sister) has the worst voice ever and has the IQ of a box of CRAYONS!!!! The most important thing I learnt is that being a dork totally...........ROCKS!!!!!!"

Isabella Soremi (10)