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Dandelion Clocks
by Rebeca Wescott

Author: Rebeca Wescott
RRP: £6.99

''I didn’t notice until I saw the pictures, my mum changed from being strong, loud, and loving to a thin, pale and delicate mum. I couldn’t believe it! My mum was really going to die'' I whispered.

A story of Liv, fighting at whatever life has given her, be it school problems or her brother who has Asperger’s syndrome, but her mum going to die was too much for a 12 year old girl to handle.

Apart from being a sad book, this book was also funny with her mums old dairy and how liv and her mums old life was so similar was astonishing. Liv couldn’t believe how her mum was so childish before.

This book was mostly set in the past and a few chapters in the future. The author of this book is Rebecca Westcott and she knows how to write up a funny and also sad story that touches your heart.

The main character is Olivia also known as Liv. Liv has a brother who is called Isaac he is 14 and has Asperger’s syndrome. Sometimes Liv would get fed up with him for following all the rules but then she realised that it’s not his fault. Rachel is Liv's lovely mum, Leah is Liv's fabulous lively aunt and Liv's dad always helps her through tough times.

This was an amazing book, couldn’t stop reading and crying. The ending was very sad how her mother died, but Liv was lucky to have a brilliant aunt and father that helped her handle the pain and sorrow.

Siddiqa Bhaloo (14)