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Charlotte's Web
by E B White

Author: E B White

The main characters of Charlotte's Web are Fern a little girl, Wilbur the pig, Charlotte the spider, Templeton the mouse and Mr and Mrs Zuckerman the owners of the animal farm.

The story is about animals in the Zuckerman farm who all talk and only Fern understands their language! Fern loves animals and brings a pig call Wilbur to the farm. Charlotte the spider becomes Wilbur's trusted friend.

Templeton the mouse is very funny! He brings a soap for Charlotte from a litter bin for washing up- just like humans use the soap.

Another interesting part of the story is when Fern tells her mum that Wilbur the pig can speak and mum says 'you've gone mental, you need to see a doctor!'

You must read the story as it tells a lot about love and care between the animals and also the special bond between Fern and Wilbur. Charlotte the clever spider has a special role in the story- she sacrifices everything for her best friend Wilbur- read to find out more!

I couldn't put the book down once I started reading!!

Rhea Joy (6)