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Pegasus and the Flame
by Kate O� Hearn

Author: Kate O Hearn
RRP: £6.99

‘Mythology and Reality collide in a new legend’, Pegasus and the Flame is the first novel to an adventurous, heart pounding series by Kate O’ Hearn.  The world of Olympus is falling, creating crazy havoc on Earth, especially in New York! A good-natured 13-year-old girl named Emily lives on the top floor of a twenty storey building in the heart of New York, right from where she can see the top of the Empire State Building. On an inclement thundery night the almighty Pegasus powerfully lands on the roof of her apartment, horribly injured. It’s almost been a year since Emily went up to the roof; she hadn’t been up there since her mother had died. Bravely gathering her strength, Emily goes up onto the roof to see what had caused that loud crash. There, in the midst of the overgrown rose patch stood a wounded but elegant stallion, Pegasus! Emily’s life is about to become a legend no one will forget, little does she know though.

Pegasus and Emily’s relationship grows as he heals from his wounds. Soon Pegasus is ready to continue with his critical duty… but not without Emily. As they embark on a wild adventure to save the world from the vile, vicious four-armed creatures called Nirads- who have somehow now attacked Earth; the cruel CRU (Central Research Unit) are also after them. People have seen Pegasus! And with a sight you don’t normally see every day it’s gotten everyone worried and trying to flee the city. Diana, Daughter of Jupiter has also arrived on Earth to help Pegasus.   Will they save Olympus? Will Emily survive?

The thing I love about this book is that it’s not stereotyped as a ‘boy’s book’ or a ‘girl’s book’, it is, simply, a magnificent story for all. No matter what your gender is, I guarantee you will enjoy this awesome story. As for age, I would recommend this book to 8-15 year olds.

Kate O’ Hearn has used the technique ‘suspension of disbelief’ extremely well; she has merged myth with reality in a way that just wants to make you carry on reading. Her writing style is really pleasant and easy to read. From Pegasus and the Flame you not only get to read an incredible story but you do get to learn about mythology, only briefly, but it is very interesting as the author has put it in a way that it just flows along with the story.

Overall, I think that this breath-taking, stunning story is an awesome read and I would give it 8.5 out of 10. It gives a lovely message and shows strength in many different ways, in a way this story can inspire you.

Sehr Shahid (13)