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The Memory Cage
by Ruth Eastham

Author: Ruth Eastham
RRP: £5.99

If you are looking for a heart-warming story you can curl up on the sofa with, that will sweep you along in a tidal wave of emotion, I would strongly recommend The Memory Cage by Ruth Eastman.

Following the story of Alex, an adopted orphan with a troubled past, and his beloved grandfather, a kindly old man with severe Alzheimer's, this book is about memories which should stay buried or surface to the open, and whether or not you choose to remember some things. Alex's grandfather is haunted by his terrible memories of WW2, and his condition is worsening all the time. Alex loves him dearly, and when he overhears his parents plotting something behind his back, he embarks upon the mission of uncovering his grandfather's past, and soon he starts revealing his own nightmare past too.

This book kept me thinking, feeling and laughing the whole way through, and left me in happy tears. After having read it, I was in deep thought and this story manages to be moving, while staying light and warm throughout.

The Memory Cage is an easy, but emotional read and I would recommend it to children aged 10-12, who enjoy stories about family, history and secrets. This book warmed me and it can touch you too...

(Congratulations to Ana, who is our Summer Challenge Week 5 winner!)

Ana Lenoir (11)