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7 Days
by Eve Ainsworth

Author: Eve Ainsworth
RRP: £6.99

A simple but eye-opening story that can link to anyone; 7 days is set in an ordinary alcove area in England, it’s all about the lives of Jess and Kez- two very genuine kind-hearted girls that have lost their actual selves. Over seven days the lives of Jess and Kez evolve immensely, Jess, being the victim of horrid bullying, has quite a vulnerable, unsure emotion which overpowers her actual self and makes her feel scared and uncertain about a lot of things. She is terribly bullied because of the way she looks, her size, the things she does and so many more silly reasons a bunch of people in her school find extremely odd. Being the older of two siblings Jess does her best to look after her little sister as well as hiding every single spike of pain in her from her sister and mum- who works very hard but earns only a little amount of money.

On the other hand, Kez, a girl who has changed so much due to the arrival of another class member, changed so much so that she is now a bully. The bully of Jess! Although she is not normally like this; she does, very sadly, quite a few harsh things to upset Jess but in actual fact, doing those things doesn't help her in any way. With a rough, rude dad and a worried, abused mum Kez becomes even more confused and has no one to truly rely on and get advice from.

However, Jess’ real self really shines through when she is with her close friend, who has been her friend since they were both little toddlers. The only problem is that he’s Kez’s boyfriend. Will everything be alright with Jess? Will Kez change and see what the right thing is to do? “Things are about to get nasty”.

Eve Ainsworth has worked with children and that’s where she got her ideas for this book from. As she has worked so closely with the teenage generation and the problems that occurred in their day to day lives she really has told this story well from a teenage point of view. One of the downers for me when reading 7 Days was that Kez’s boyfriend, Jess’ close friend smoked and a few other characters in the book did as well. It is true that a few young people do smoke but I would have preferred if the author had shown smoking as a negative thing in the story as it will hopefully encourage and show that smoking is not right. Moreover, this story gives a positive message to the teenage generation and is very well written.

This meaningful story leaves a wonderful message that can help anyone. I would recommend this expressive story to 11-17 year olds. 7 Days is a benevolent story and I think it is a really great read.

Sehr Shahid (13)