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Skulduggery Pleasant
by Derek Landy

Author: Derek Landy
RRP: £6.99

This is the first book in the gripping series of Skulduggery Pleasant, an adventure/action/fantasy story about a 12-year-old girl who discovers a mysterious world of magic. The author, Derek Landy is extremely humorous and witty, and his writing style is excellent.

Stephanie is introduced at the start of the book when her wealthy uncle, Gordon Edgley dies of 'natural causes'. She is an intelligent, tall, slim and strong girl and when she meets the sharply dressed skeleton- Mr Skulduggery Pleasant, she thinks she is brave enough to face the dangerous world of magic that he belongs to.

She learns many things in the first book, like the different types of magic- Elemental and Adept magic, about chosen, given and real names and the dangers of Skulduggery's world...

It is quite a humorous book, but can also be scary and tense in places. It is one of the best books I've ever read, and once you read the first chapters, you just can't put it down!! The way Derek Landy writes the book makes you feel like you are part of the story, and you feel the same emotions as the characters are feeling. You will be introduced to good characters along the way, like China Sorrows, Tanith Low and Ghastly Bespoke, but you might also hear about some of the worst people of the magic world. I would definitely recommend this book, and especially the rest of the series!!

'Mr Pleasant, you're a skeleton.'
'Yes. I am, as you say, I have been one for a while now.'

Michaela R (10)