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by Stephenie Meyer

Author: Stephenie Meyer
RRP: £8.99

When Bella moves away from the comfort of home to the dismal town of Forks, her life takes a thrilling and terrifying turn after meeting the alluring Edward Cullen. With his velvet skin, golden eyes, hypnotic voice and supernatural gifts, Edward is both irresistible and incredible. Up until now he has managed to keep his dark secret hidden, but Bella is determined to dig beyond the lies and to the truth.

Bella is a 17-year-old girl who moved from her mother's home in Phoenix, Arizona, to live with her father in her birth town of Forks, Washington. There, she becomes intrigued by a student, Edward Cullen. However, what Bella doesn't realise is that the closer she gets to him the more she is putting herself and others around her in danger. And it might be to late to turn back! My favourite part is when Bella is attempting to decipher what Edward is, by piecing together all the pieces of the puzzle.

Stephenie Meyer wrote twilight in 2003 finding time to write in between being a full time mother of three children. Her writing style is enticing and you end up always wanting to read on. It is also very descriptive and thoughtful.

Overall I found it a brilliant story with a wonderful plot line. I really recommend this book to all keen readers, who like vampire stories, as you will never want to put it down!

Altogether I give this book 5 stars.


Jack Stockley-Jones (13)