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Sea Quest - Cephalox The Cyber Squid
by Adam Blade

Author: Adam Blade
RRP: £4.99

Sea Quest is like Beast Quest but it is set under water. If you look at the map Aquora is the safest place to be in the Delta Quadrant. A Cyber Squid atacks the safest place to be 'Aquora' and is terrorising the city!

The characters are Max (the main character), Lia (a Merryn who is Max's friend), Max's Dad (gets taken from the Cyber Squid) and finally the evil Professor (who takes creatures and turns them into a cyborg!)

When the Squid attacked he took Max's Dad to the bottom of the ocean, then took him hostage! Will max find his Dad? and will the Cyber squid be destroyed!

Adam Blade: The way Adam Blade writes his story, he makes you want to read on!

Rating is 9/10 :) ;)

Charlie Stockle-Jones (9)