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Dolores Claiborne
by Stephen King

Author: Stephen King
RRP: £7.99

    Dolores Claiborne is an invigorating story about a resilient woman who stands accused of the murder of her boss, Vera Donovan. To prove her innocence Dolores Claiborne must tell her compelling story and relive the horror she has been through in her life. In doing so she uncovers the mysterious nature of two unexpected deaths, one the aforementioned Vera Donovan and the other her husband...
   The novel is incredibly suspenseful and there is high tension between Dolores and her violent husband more so than her arrogant employer, Vera Donovan, in fact as the story unfolds we see that Vera and Dolores actually came to get along. This is just one of many shocking revelations that we learn as we read of Dolores' story, but we don't just read about it we feel as if we are there in the interrogation room hearing her story as one of the police officers who know Dolores just as well as we know her.

  Furthermore we know her so well because of King's excellent characterization and storytelling, through every event that happens we see her deeper and more layered as we carry on and we feel like we are with her through her life. But the best thing about Dolores Claiborne are her epic one-liners, but it's not all about Dolores we spend a lot of time with Dolores fending off her vicious husband, gaining advice from the wise yet cranky Vera and sympathise with her long-suffering children.

   Contrasting to King's previous novels, Dolores Claiborne features no supernatural elements and for this reason the story seems very real and the themes of domestic violence and child abuse give us a thoughtful and mature from King and a break from the supernatural. Though not typical King, Dolores Claiborne is a grittier tale and an underrated classic.


Matthew Trundle (15)