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Monster Odyssey: The Eye of Neptune
by Jon Mayhew

Author: Jon Mayhew
RRP: £6.99

Prince Dakkar is the son of an Indian rajah. He is the main character in this book along with his friend Georgia Fulton and the many dangers they face.

He gets expelled from school and is sent to unconventional educator called Count Osinki. Dakkar plans to escape, but the count convinces him to stay by including him in a top secret project. The project involved a submarine. Many others are interested in the count’s invention and what it might achieve if successful.

Masked men kidnap the count leaving Dakkar for dead. He does not know who is responsible as it really could have been anybody. As the story unfolds Dakkar is determined to rescue the count. Taking the submarine, he sets off on an adventure. 

Will he succeed in his mission? Dakkar plans to take them all on!

Dakkar makes many new friends throughout this book. He fights pirates and battles to escape the jaws of sea monsters and anything else that gets in his way. 

I found this book very funny and fast paced.

Teagan Pritchard (9)