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The Promise
by Nicola Davies

Author: Nicola Davies
RRP: £12.99

The book begins with a little girl who lives in a city, where nobody smiles and everyone steals from each other. One day, she comes by an old lady, who is carrying a very full bag, the little girl tries to steal the bag in hope for money and food. However, the old lady keeps a firm hold on the bag and only allows her to take it after she's made the girl promise to 'plant them'. The girl doesn't know what the old lady means, but she doesn’t care, she wants the bag and so she promises. When she opens the bag, instead of the money or food, she only finds acorns, 'so green, so perfect … I held a forest in my arms, and my heart was changed.' She begins to keep her promise, planting the acorns wherever she can beside roads, on roundabouts, at traffic lights, in parks, behind factories, at bus stops. She plants and plants and plants, and slowly her city changes. Trees grow! People touch the leaves in wonder. They smile. They talk and laugh with each other. The girl continues to keep her promise, going to many other cities planting, until one night a thief steals her bag of acorns … but only after she's made him promise to 'plant them'!

Why I like it...
This book is nominated for the Kate Greenaway Medal and I think it deserves to be because it was an enjoyable read. I also think that it’s a beautiful book, in the story and in the pictures. I always wanted to turn the page and read more when I should have been asleep! Read it and see what you think!

Abbie Lees (9)