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Fizzlebert Stump - The Boy Who Ran Away From The Circus
by A.F Harrold

Author: A.F Harrold
RRP: £5.99

This book is about the circus and the bearded barboozul family.

They are the new stars of Fizz's Circus, their act is full of magic, mystery, fun and fear. How nice is it was to have another boy in the circus even if he had a hairy chin. Acts in the circus include Fizzleberts dad as the strongman and his mum is the clown as well as Fish the performing sealion with his sparkly waistcoat. There is also Charles the lion with his two pairs of false teeth.

Somebody steals Fizzlebert's mums red nose, then his dad, the strongman gets weakened and made the magic bunny ill! Is Fizz's act ruined?

The circus is going to be inspected. Everyone practices their acts thinking everything is going well, which is not a bad thing, but everything goes terribly wrong. The plate spinners break their plates, Charles the lion looses his false teeth, the clowns loose their noses and the ring master looses his temper!

Is the circus about to loose its license? Is the bearded boy to blame? Can Fizz save the day?

This book featured many mysterious poeple and amazing tricks. Each chapter started with a riddle!

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Teagan Pritchard (9)