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A Storm Of Swords
by George R.R Martin

Author: George R.R Martin
RRP: £9.99

A storm of swords is a continuation in the song of ice and fire saga. It is an endearing story of conquest, power, vengeance and tragedy; more so than its predecessors. It picks off from where we left each character off in a clash with kings but by far is more eventful; every character is tested on their strength whether literal or in their wits but if they fail this test it may mean death. There is a vast of ensemble of characters in a song of ice and fire but as this is the third book all of them have been thoroughly developed in their viewpoint chapters in previous books and now we feel attached to these characters and seeing them go through so much turmoil makes the tragic events here so moving. And that's how so many of the popular characters- Jon Snow, Tyrion and Jaime to name a few- have their best storylines so far.

  Furthermore on the story the developments in the plot are at their highest here; with an empty iron throne: King's Landing is manic and innocents are taken for guilty. But that's not it: after her brave escape in book two Arya has found herself trapped in a group of outlaws; Jon Snow must become a wildling to keep eyes on the brewing war between both the free folk and the Night's Watch; Brienne of Tarth must keep Jaime safe so that Catelyn Stark can get her daughters back; weddings of various different colours take part; Stannis is having difficult regaining his power lost on the Blackwater and Daenerys is building an army ready for Westeros... 

  All this is incredibly intense and hugely enjoyable; but it's not perfect. Catelyn's character becomes incredibly weak and is not showing the resilience that made her such an enjoyable character before. And R.R Martin's incredible prose cannot manage to make Bran Stark an entertaining character and his chapters are quite weak but the rest of the book is no doubt spectacular and makes up heavily for these characters so much so that this is a phenomenal book; worthy of credit and more importantly- your time.

Matthew Trundle (15)