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Horrid Henry Reads a Book
by Francesca Simon

Author: Francesca Simon

The main characters in the story are Horrid Henry, Perfect Peter, Miss Battle Axe and Henry's classmates. Peter is a perfect little angel. He has over 10 stars in his good behaviour chart. Horrid Henry is a pesky little man. He hasn't earned any gold stars in his entire life.

In this story the teachers all organise a competition for the child who can read the most books. Henry thought the second he got home that he would have read over 3 books. Unfortunetly, as bad luck Henry was too busy playing computer games with Rude Ralph (his best mate). Surprisingly, Henry actually won the reading competition.

My favourite part of the story was when Henry won the competition because it surprised me when he won the prize even though he hated reading books. I also liked it when Henry sneaked into Peter's room at night and he took all of his books and book reports so that he had a headstart of winning.

My favourite part is when Henry made up his own series and that was really funny. I felt shocked because Henry won the competition.

This story was funny because the prize was to a Book Theme Park and Henry hated books. It made me think about when my dad won a competition athough my dad didn't cheat. I learnt never to cheat in any sort of competition.

Wasil (5)