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A Boy Called Hope
by Lara Williamson

Author: Lara Williamson

The genre of this book is adventure as it's about this boy called Dan who is trying to meet his dad as he walked out on him and his family 4 years ago. The setting of this book is in London and it is set in the present.

The main character of this book is Daniel Hope but he prefers to be called Dan. Dan is 11 years old and is trying to get in touch with his dad as it's been a long time since they meet and Dan is starting to miss him. Dan has a sister called Grace and she is 16. Dan calls her Ninja Grace because he thinks that she uses insults as weapons. "A word ninja will wound you instantly with their cutting remarks " He said. Dan's dad is called Malcolm and he is a TV presenter. Dan's mum is dating someone called Stan.

The author's writing style is quite funny and descriptive for example Dan describes unborn babies as aliens and says "Unborn Babies look like aliens" which i find quite funny.

The plot is when Dan and Grace find a pink dressing gown at Stan's house and they think that Stan is cheating on their mom. They tell their mom and she believes them so she breaks up with Stan. While that is happening Dan writes an email to his dad but he doesn't get a reply leaving him very disappointed. Later on Dan meets Stan and sees this lady at his house and he asks her who she is, she says that she is Stan sister and the dressing gown was hers. Dan tells his mum about the misunderstanding which leads Stan and her getting back together. At the end something i didn't expect happened, to find out more you have to read the book as it's a lovely story that i enjoyed and i'm sure you will too.

Lastly I think this book is trying to convey the message and say that it's not bad to hope but do it and you can do many things.

Siddiqa Bhaloo (13)