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Geek Girl
by Holly Smale

Author: Holly Smale
RRP: £6.99

My name is Harriet Manners and I'm a Geek...

Harriet Manners, 15 years old, is the protagonist and the original Geek! She loves to say random facts about anything, states the Periodic table when she's panicking, is disliked by everyone in her form, except for her best friend Nat (Natalie). However, Alexa, her nemesis, along with her minions, has a very strong hatred to Harriet! Harriet also has a very popular hobby- Hyperventilating, and is fond of Power Point presentations when presenting something to her step Mother, Annabel, and her Father, Richard. She has a continues stalker, Toby, and loves to hide underneath tables. She absolutely hates her life and she knows it!

One day her best friend, Nat, asks Harriet to come on a fashion trip with her, as Nat's dream job- ever since she was little- was to be a fashion model. Harriet agrees to go. But what she doesn't realise is that she has just made the biggest decision of her life! After they arrive at their destination, Nat tells Harriet to wait somewhere still for a minute while she goes somewhere. Whereas, Harriet has something else in mind. As she goes wondering around the store, she then ruins the store, and unbelievably gets stopped by a modelling agent, Wilbur, by doing this! She was hiding underneath a table, trying to hide away from Nat, whose dream is to become a model, when she meets someone else underneath the table, the most handsome boy she has ever seen in her life, Nick, or as she calls him- lion boy. She soon gets overwhelmed by this opportunity, to become a model -and for people to stop treating her like they used to- also gets to meet and work with the most famous fashion designer ever, Yuka Ilto! But as everything goes well in her Fashion world, she seems to have other problems to face in the Geek world! Like stealing her best friend’s dream career!!! Which world will Harriet proceed in? And which one will she fail in? Read to find out!

My favourite part in this amazing novel is when Harriet gets spotted by a modelling agency. The reason behind this is because the story starts to get tense, you don’t know if she will take the opportunity or not; and most of all she steals the job of her best friend’s dream! There is nothing I can say about it that is bad!

The Author’s writing Style is realistic, and descriptive. She uses many writing techniques like similes, and metaphors. It gives the reader a sense of tension and shock when using these various writing techniques in a novel or any sort of writing task. The sense of shock starts when she uses short sentences, as we are not prepared for the shock when using short sentences and we don't know what we expect from these types of sentences. The same goes to simple sentences too. Holly Smale uses all of these techniques and more in this fantastic book! In using these techniques she makes the book feel more alive, descriptive, and more than ever - REALISTIC!!! She writes as if It was her life experience, which it is, and she writes really descriptively using loads of statistics, as it is called Geek Girl. So what will this book be without different statistics to show us this Geek Girl theme!

This story made me feel confident, and alive! I felt like I was in my own world and I could do whatever I want. This novel is really realistic and it has showed me that anything could happen! Also it felt like I had been swept up into a whole other universe expressing the other character's feelings, memories, the pain or anger, confusion, sadness, happiness and I forget everything is around me. This book is so humorous yet so serious and realistic! I loved it! It makes you think about others in this world around you!

It made me think about how she, Harriet, says that she hates her life, and she prefers her fashion life more than her normal life, but in reality I think that she should have liked her own life, instead of her fashion one because she should like to be who she is. Instead of changing herself to someone she isn't, just to make people not treat her like they used to- like a GEEK. Being somebody else just takes away your personality and sometimes your confidence. It also makes me think about how she changes her way through the whole book. You can virtually see and feel Harriet changing throughout the book- making different decisions, doing different actions, her thoughts. This book is truly amazing! I could recommend it to anybody, and definitely have a feeling that they would love it as much as I do!

Yes I did! It has inspired me to be myself no matter what! Holly Smale, in my opinion, has written this book as an anti-bulling book. As another protagonist- Alexa- has been bulling Harriet since she first came to that school- which is FOREVER. So when Harriet has the chance to become a model, she doesn't take a second think about taking her best friend’s dream. All she wanted was to do it for her reputation for the rest of her school life, the bulling part of it! She wanted Alexa to stop treating her like she did! Which, I personally, think was a very bad idea!!! I think that Harriet should not care about what Alexa thought! She should have carried on her life without Alexa butting in, and making it a school life of hell the whole way through! So it has inspired me to not change myself no matter what happens!

Sivitha Sivakumar (13)