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by Brian Selznick

Author: Brian Selznick
RRP: £14.99

'Wonderstruck' has two intertwining stories in it, one in pictures and the other in words. The pictured story is about a girl called Rose who is trying to find her destiny and her mother!) in New York. But Rose finds it harder to understand things because she is deaf. When she was shut in at home she would make paper models of New York which will eventually lead to a future that she had never even dreamed of. But she was very unhappy. She would write notes of help and then drift them off down the river.

The worded story is about a deaf boy called Ben. He was only deaf in one ear, but when his 'good ear' got struck by lightning, he was made permanently deaf in both ears. He runs away from the hospital to New York trying to look for his father, but instead, he runs into a lady that has already made an appearance previously in the story. This helps him to fill the gap that is missing from his heart. the most interesting part of this book is how the picture story and the worded story mingle together throughout the book.

Even though this is a very thick book, it is quite a quick read if you are an advanced reader. Some of the pages are pictures so that's what makes it quicker to read because you just have to look at the pictures and understand. I hope you enjoy reading it!

Taylor Hollins (12)