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Lola Rose
by Jacqueline Wilson

Author: Jacqueline Wilson
RRP: £6.99

I recommend this book for any girls between 10-15 who need something to pick them up. The story is about a young girl called Jayni who's mother is abused by her dad, life was hard having to live with him, but they were happy. But when Jayni's dad hits her they start a mad rage to flee their home and get away from their father. Having to change her name, Jayni becomes the glamorous beautiful grown-up Lola rose. Resolving in a mad twist of events when Lola rose, her mother and her little brother Kenny try and make a new life away from abuse. But when her mother gets ill and ends up in hospital, Lola rose and kenny's new life get knocked sideways.

The way Jacqueline writes this book is realistic, dramatic and amazing. It reminds me of a downtown reality show because of the layed-back feel and crazy amounts of obstacles to jump over or crawl under.

Overall, this book makes me feel what its like to be Lola rose and almost makes me feel like I'm in the book and following Lola Rose around in her new life.
Overall = Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

Darcy Coleman (12)