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Dance of Fire
by Yelena Black

Author: Yelena Black
RRP: £6.99

All dancers dream of the big chance to try out for the Royal Court Ballet Company, however, very few manage to secure that special dream. Vanessa is one of them. She dances with grace and elegance and has a fury that is hard to beat. Justin, a strong and caring person, is her dancing partner.

They travel to London for a once in a lifetime event that is shrouded by their past as well as the demands of an ancient organisation.

The Lync Elite needs them to win the contest and be part of the Royal Court Ballet in order to seek out a dark society of necrodancers. Vanessa will dance like she has never danced before... but not for them. She is hiding a very dark secret. She is there to find her missing sister, Margaret and really will not let anything and anybody get in her way. Will they win the contest? Will she find Margaret?

This book is thrilling and captures both the friendship and pressure of a group of highly talented young dancers whose lives are at risk from a dark mystery that haunts their school.

All in all a good read for any teen!


Sophie-May Hopkins (17)