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The Revenge of Seven
by Pittacus Lore

Author: Pittacus Lore
RRP: £11.97

Oh what a fabulous series this has been. Set in an alternate version of the present day, nine “alien” children from the planet Lorien, who despite their origin are anatomically similar to us, have been evacuated to earth after the invasion of their planet, each with an adult protector called a Cepan. (It may be wise here to point out that there are two types of Lorien people- Guard and Cepan. To summarise- the Guard have wonderful powers and the Cepan are just somewhat knowledgeable). These children being evacuated to earth was the last resort of Lorien and the 9 serve as the one remaining hope for the continuation of their race’s future.

However they do have a problem, in that the race that invaded their planet are a nasty bunch called the Mogodorians (think dodgy looking horned thugs led by a genocidal maniac) and they’re doing everything in their power to track the children down and finish the job. The series initially follows the life of Lorien child number 4, but eventually entwines all their stories as they come together to set about forming some sort of resistance.

In an electric tale of survival, hope, love, loss and treachery, the series takes you through the unraveling of events up until the eventual cliff hanger that concludes this very title to which I address. Being the penultimate book in the series, it is to be proceeded by one further installment which is sure to be as explosive and brilliant as a finale can get.

P.S Be warned. This book is sure to induce genuine emotion.

Jack Mackey (16)