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by Veronica Roth

Author: Veronica Roth
RRP: £7.99

The book follows the main character, who goes by the name of Tris Prior, through her trials and tribulations. With a strict upbringing, she is desperate for a release from her routine life, and she finds this when she joins the fearless, venturesome Dauntless faction, surprising all, including her parents. This book never ceases to surprise, as it is packed with action, unexpected events and heart-stopping moments to keep you hanging on to every word.

Learning that she is Divergent, a person with aptitudes for more than one factions, she finds that they are hunted and killed by her own faction leader. With seemingly no one to turn to, all she has to do is play along, and NOT be herself.

It is cleverly written to place you inside the characters mind, which is exceptional, as you really feel like you are in their circumstances.The story is captivating, as it shows their ever-changing world through a person who is so unpredictable and dubious, yet not challenging to follow. The book is a must-read to all who enjoy unconditional love, dystopian settings and daring escapades.

Hosea Nsona (14)