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Ellie's Magical Bakery
by Ellie Simmonds

Author: Ellie Simmonds
RRP: £5.99

This book is about a little girl called Ellie who receives a magical recipe book for her birthday, but doesn't know who it is from. Her friend Basil loves to bake as much as Ellie so together they decide to enter the village bake off.

One day when they are sitting in the forest Ellie finds a letter hidden in the book, it is from her dad who now lives in heaven, saying he wishes he could still be with her but as he can't he has sent her a very special recipe book. The magical recipe book has a baking fairy called Victoria Sponge who helps Ellie create her entry for the village bake off.

When her Victoria sponge figure goes missing from her cake, what will Ellie do? Will she find it in time for judging and discover who took it in the first place? Who will take home first prize from the village bake off?

I really liked this book because I love fairies, magic and baking. It's really well written and is the first book by Ellie Simmonds. I like the recipes and hints added in the back of the book and the pictures are lots of fun.


Alyssa Baines (8)