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The Cry of the Icemark
by Stuart Hill

Author: Stuart Hill
RRP: £6.99

The greatest threat to any land,the almighty Polypontian Empire, led by the undefeated General Scipio Bellorum looms over the monarchs of the ancient land of Icemark. Thirrin Freer Strong-in-the-Arm Lindenshield, is a typical teenager/princess who loves her father, King Redrought Strong-in-the-Arm Lindenshield, very much and has a natural air of great pride.

One day she is on her routine hunt, and before she knows it, she is engaging in combat with a werewolf. Soon unarmed and free at the will of the werewolf, her life is spared by the wolf. She later returns the debt, after a lot of debating with her father, her headstrong attitude taking reign of the situation, and also spares the werewolf's life, after discovering that he was the current King of werewolves, King Grishmak Blood-Drinker, therefore creating an all-important alliance.

The fourteen year old princess is forced into adulthood after the inevitable death of her beloved father at the hands of the Polypontian Empire, and has to step into boots that are too big for her; the Queen of the Icemark.With the help of the son of a White Witch Oskan, and King Grishmak, they must create alliances with long time enemies of the Icemark, stuff of dreams, creatures she never knew existed, talking Snow Leopards the size of horses, and dark, mythical animals that live in isolation from humans.

I believe this is the best fantasy book I've ever read, as it written in such a manner that immerses you in the drama, battle and dialogue. Even though it includes mythical and legendary creatures, it is written in a way that makes you believe that they actually exist. It follows Thirrin as she makes the journey from a 14 year old, into a fully grown Queen, within a few months, and bombarded with the responsibility of defending her land, as well as keeping the morale of her people as well as soldiers up.

This is an amazing book that will keep you ensnared until the end. I would recommend it to any young person, as it is as interesting as any other book.

Hosea Nsona (14)