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Frog The Barbarian
by Guy Bass

Author: Guy Bass
RRP: £5.99

I thoroughly recommend this to book to people who like adventure with a bit of a twist with it. The book is based on a young, determined frog who seems to have saved the world many a time. Often he brags about how brave and daring he is and likes to do this a lot by writing in his diary. It is full of mystery and wonder and often some funny bits. If you are interested in this, read this book now.

The story starts on a island in the middle of nowhere as frog and his best friend Butter-cup seem to think it's the end of the world ( as it is leading up from the last book.) However little do they know it isn't... although frog suddenly walks off from the island into a deep, rushing water-fall. Sitting near here are two mysterious characters ( the king and queen of everything.) However frog does not realise this. He suddenly starts making fun and bragging to them. As a punishment for this the king and queen try to lock him up. Although just as this happens a Cyclops comes along and as quick as a flash of lightning, frog defeats it. Finally frog realises who the two are and suddenly the king and queen want frog as their royal champion. The story starts from there and from then on frog has to defeat a boastful dragon another Cyclops and another army of alien invaders. Although will frog survive all of this...?

I personally enjoyed this as it built the element of tension ad surprise although parts of it were very funny and I thoroughly recommend this to you. This book is probably for older children, 8+!!!

Jamie Mark Dimech (10)