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Sweet Honey
by Cathy Cassidy

Author: Cathy Cassidy
RRP: £12.99

Honey is a messed-up teenager living a messed-up life. Her life is all totally fine until her dad walks out on her, her mom and her four younger sisters, but then her mom gets a new boyfriend and then he and his daughter move in and then she gets her boyfriend stole by the very same girl and then she gets expelled. Honey feels like her life cannot get any worse and she knows it will never get any better....

   But, one day, out of the blue, her dad invites her to go and start a new life over in Australia with him! Honey is so excited, and she vows to completely turn her life around. She goes over to Australia, only to find out her dad has got a new girlfriend, she has to go to a horrible school and she is getting stalked. Her SpiderWeb page gets hacked, her new friends gets hurt and she starts to lash out again. Honey has decided that enough is enough and she goes back to England, back to her friends, her family, her home and the boy who made her life a living nightmare...

I really enjoyed this book, as not only is it well-written, but it is also relatable. I could really relate to this story and all the character's feelings and emotions and I would highly recommend reading this book and all the other Chocolate Box Girls books. I would most definitely rate this book 10 out of 10!

Theresa-Mary Mc Glinchey (14)