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Alex Rider : Eagle Strike
by Anthony Horowitz

Author: Anthony Horowitz
RRP: £6.99

"Alex has just 90 minutes to save the world." This is a thrilling book full of excitement and adventure. The story is based on a 14yr old boy who works for MI6 and despite his age, is one of the best spy's around. There are other books in the "Alex Rider series" as this is the 4th and probably the best. If you like excitement and adventure this is the book for you !!!

The story starts off with Alex on holiday in the South of France with his best friend "Sabina." Although things take a turn for the worst, the holiday house in which they were staying gets exploded by an assassin "Yassen Gregorovich." Alex suddenly investigates and soon realises some-one has paid the assassin to blow down the house. Alex has a theory and suddenly realises it is a famous celebrity who has raised thousands of pounds for charity, "Damian Cray." No one believes him at first although Alex finds out that it is "Cray." Before-long "Cray" captures Alex and his friend Sabina and tries to blow up half the world with missiles. And there's only one question left... will Alex save the world in time?...

Altogether I thought this was an extremely exciting book and would thoroughly recommend this book to children age 10+.

Jamie Mark Dimech (10)