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Ever After High- A Wonderlandiful World
by Shannon Hale

Author: Shannon Hale
RRP: £9.99

This is an extremely well-written book. Hale uses humor and seriousness and combines the two together. Hale uses such descriptive adjectives and sets the scene in the story so well, that the reader actually feels like he or she is actually there.

There are many books in the Ever After High Series and this is just one of them. The story is set in a school called Ever After High, a school for all the sons and daughters of our favourite fairytale characters. The main characters in this story are Lizzie Hearts, (daughter of the Queen of Hearts), Cedar Wood, (daughter of Pinnochio), Madeline Hatter, (daughter of the Mad Hatter), Raven Queen, (daughter of the Evil Queen), and Apple White, (daughter of Snow White).

A strange magic leaks from Wonderland, (the home of Lizzie Hearts and Madeline Hatter), and begins to infect Ever After High. Everything starts to act Wonderlandish, the chairs walk, the windows blink and all the students of Ever After High turn into a piece of something rather than humans! When the magic infects the minds of all of Ever After, it is up to the Wonderlandians to save the day and send the Jaberwock back to its home in the Queen of Hearts castle.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and simply could not put it down. Since reading this, I have come across most of the mini sagas, explaining the life of many of Ever After High's students as they get ready to start their Legacy Year. I would class this book as a Must-Read and I would advise everyone to read not only this book, but also 'The Storybook of Legends', 'The Unfairest of Them All' and of course the Mini-Sagas. I would score this book Ten out of Ten stars!!!

Theresa-Mary Mc Glinchey (14)