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The Wishing Chair
by Enid Blyton

Author: Enid Blyton
RRP: £8.99

Peter and Molly were going into town to find there mum a present when something caught their eye. There was a vase with swans on, so they went in the dusty old shop to buy it.
No one was in there so they shouted, is anyone in here. They heard a voice, yes I am in the back room come down here and help me, so that's what Peter and Molly did. When they got to the back they asked, can we buy your swan vase. The man said yes, but first you must help me clean this dump up. Yes said Peter and Molly so they started to clean up.

Suddenly there was a BANG the door slammed, the man shouted get the butterfly's. They sat down on a lovely chair, Peter said I wish to go home and the chair took them home, wow said molly .... the next day the chair had wings so Peter and Molly jumped into the chair and off they went, they landed on a castle roof.

Peter and Molly went into the castle, where there was a little pixie. The pixie said, have you come to rescue me from the giant. What giant said Molly, the pixie informed them, there is a giant that lives in here and he won't let me go. Peter said you can live with us. The pixie was delighted with this idea, lets go they all said and so their adventures began ........

I think this book is really interesting because they are really challenged on every adventure, which makes it fun and exciting. I liked how the book made me feel part of the adventures, you become swept along with the challenges and can imagine playing along with Molly and Peter, the main characters. Imagine having a chair with wings, that could take you anywhere, it really gets your imagination working.

I give this book 5 out of 5 I recommend it to people that like adventure and like fairy tales.

Lorenza Dale (8)