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Diary Of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul
by Jeff Kinney

Author: Jeff Kinney
RRP: £12.99

This book is extremely humorous; if you are interested in incredibly funny books read this one now. The story is based on a young boy named Greg Heffley who is extremely lazy and likes nothing more than video games. There are lots of books in the series which are all hilarious including; Dog Days and Cabin Fever as this is the latest in the series. The author, Jeff Kinney is a brilliant writer and puts in some, witty hilarious phrases.

The story starts off with Greg's Mum deciding the Heffley family should go off on a road trip for the summer, now this sounds fun although with the Heffley family it's always a different story. The road trip starts off fine however it suddenly takes a turn for the worst...
First of all they end up in a small, cramped, awful hotel and from then on it goes downhill. They end up being forced to keep a trouble-making baby pig, get chased by seagulls and lose a key to a locker with all their stuff in! Although the big question is... Will Greg survive the road trip?

Altogether, this an extremely humorous book and I thoroughly enjoyed it so I definitely advise you to read the book now!!!

Jamie Mark Dimech (10)