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Almost Perfect Murders
by Hy Conrad

Author: Hy Conrad

Almost perfect murders is a game book that describes a murder scenario and each scenario gives you clues to who the killer was then at the end of that scenario theirs questions an autopsy police and witness report to help you figure out who committed the crime and how.

The book is like a real investigation gather evidence rule every possibility out then come up with a conclusion to what happened. It’s a great book for anyone interested in csi type of things and the scenarios are written in a way so you can picture every detail of the scene and interpret thoughts of your own.

It’s a really interesting book because most books on crime are about real stories or fiction and its all there for you but in this book you can decide who the bad guy is and it leaves you more open to ideas and includes the reader instead of just saying someone died and this person done it.

​Rating: 6/10

Jessica Baxter (14)