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Supercat vs The Part Pooper
by Jeanne Willis

Author: Jeanne Willis
RRP: £5.99

The main characters in the story are James and Tiger, whose secret identity is Supercat. Tiger dashed into situations without thinking. James is more thoughtful about actions.


It's James' birthday and he goes to the zoo. 

That day Baron C. Duckswat, the criminal, puts the royal family into a deep sleep. He crowns himself king. James and Supercat must stop him but how?


I liked the hug pillow fight at the end of the book. I did not like the parts when Tiger ate fungi off of James' sock or when the Queen went to the toilet. They were gross!

The story kept my interest throughout the book and there are some funny bits through the book.

The book made me think about Buckingham Palace. But I did not learn anything because it was a totally fictional story and none of it would happen in real life. 

This is not one of the best books I have ever read but you may enjoy it if you like funny stories with silly adventures.

Caleb Perkins (10)