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More Than This
by Patrick Ness

Author: Patrick Ness
RRP: £7.99

The eloquent diction of the first chapter had me attached to the book like a limpet for three days. More Than This is an enthralling dystopia that not only makes you realise what the world is gradually coming to (humans becoming so immersed in ourselves that maybe one day we will be completely able to detach ourselves from the natural world that we can escape into an 'ideal' society so we won’t have to come face to face with our mistakes) and the dramatic consequences; it gives you a soul-stirring experience into the mind of teenager who has really had the worst of it.

This novel is not so evident towards what it is actually about, adding to the sustained mystery throughout. A boy dies. He wakes up somewhere vaguely familiar, somewhere he's been before but he's alone. He endeavours to survive in the suburban desolation, meeting two people on the way. Initially, they fail to get on. However, as the truth slowly unravels they slowly understand that they have all been as unfortunate as one another. The trio unite to become the resilient heroes of the book.


Scarlett King (12)