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The Funny Thing Is...
by Ellen Degeneres

Author: Ellen Degeneres
RRP: £7.99

Ellens book is a comedy and a little survival guide to getting out of the most awkward situations. I love the book because some of the situations I've definitely been in myself like being in the pressance of someone I don't like and having to stay friendly. She makes even the worst situations positive and the first page really draws you in with the humour because she cracks a one liner about reading and driving and she get across how much her fans have helped her get to where she is now  and shes greatful and shes really loyal to us like we are to her.

She also writes about awkward experience's with friends or guests of her show like Eminem in a really humourous way the whole books just full of positivity and is my happy pill always makes me smile. my favourite part is when she takes old sayings and makes them more accurate or argues with them like ''Stop and smell the roses. Well what if im allergic to roses.'' or ''Wake up and smell the coffee. What if you drink tea. What then Einstein?'' But later in the book it does get serious she has a chapter of apoligies and thank yous.

I love Ellen and its a great read and will make you laugh your socks of the book proberblys was intended for older people judging by the driving and reading joke at the start considering we cant drive yet but the books clean funny and everyone can find something to laugh at in it. Theirs something for everyone.

Jessica Baxter (14)