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Mister Creecher
by Chris Priestley

Author: Chris Priestley

Set in Victorian London, 1818, fog hangs in the air and the dark surrounds those who walk through alleys alone at night, with mysterious beings lurking in the shadows...

‘Mister Creecher’ is a grippingly clever tale filled with references to the original novel ‘Frankenstein’ but with an intriguing twist... When teenage thief, Billy, is walking the cold, dark streets of London, he happens to stumble upon this giant of a man propped up in a doorway. Little does he know that this creature would take him on an adventure around England all while they’re in pursuit of a certain man. The creator of this giant, Frankenstein...

Along the way, the two very unique companions see many different things and feel every emotion. They experience love, hate, betrayal, envy, anger, joy, sadness and loneliness. It really is a roller-coaster of emotion that even Creecher, whom is believed not to feel anything, experiences as if he were human.

Priestley really makes you feel for both of the characters and the situations they both come to face. While Creecher pleads his creator to make another of his kind, Billy finds the love of his life but keeps it a secret from Creecher. You feel everything they feel, and can vividly see how the characters act towards each other. Their relationship is a very unique one, but it is strong as if they were bonded together. Billy and Creecher are the perfect partners in crime and at one point, it comes to that.

This charming tale stays with you long after you’ve finished reading it and you want to carry on reading even after the story draws to a close. I hope that a sequel lies just around the corner, even though the author himself said that referring to the original book would give you the ending you so desperately want to hear.

Chris Priestley is also the author of ‘The Tales of Terror’ series which is a collection of scary stories told in the most imaginative way. Priestley has created another exciting tale with a gripping story line mixed with elements of strange. Another brilliant masterpiece by this author!

Nicola Lawton (14)