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Snow falls, like a dove shedding her silk-like cloak.
Swirling and spiralling before reaching Earth,
Upon moonshine-enriched ground, showering colour all around.
Unknowing moles below, as people gaze at snow upon snow.
Bringing life all around, however seizing as well.
Soon, snow will become fluid aqua, forming rivers in meandering crevices.
Falls begin gushing, foaming, spraying,
Waking sleeping bears from previously used caves,
Cascading the nearby meadows,
Quenching all in the land.
Nourishing crops as they again begin growing:
New buds, new leaves, new.
Spring arrives, delivering children of all kinds, shape and size,
Bringing balminess, as well, causing narrowing rivers.
Daffodils bloom on riverbanks; bunnies and eavesdropping ears alongside,
Hear the sound of life.
A powerful force.

by Oliver Crofts (11)
Potters Bar

Competition - The Poetry Trials

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