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From a sleeping tree fell down a yellow leaf,
A feeling came to me and brought relief,
The feeling was about future months,
About coming rhythmic snowflakes' dance.
After some time a river will be stilled,
Like blood in veins of someone who was killed,
And even though they don't belong to you,
from scalding frost you feel a phantom pain.
Soon all fields in wedding gown will be dressed,
Nature below will be hiding its chest,
A ceremony that will happen late,
At first of midnights, under winter moon.
Each forest will be covered with wan fog,
Life will be stopped like in a cut-down log,
No movements will be shown and silence kept,
Long-lasting lethargy will restore peace.
When all these pictures appeared in my mind,
Then a relief I finally could find,
In lonely falling yellow autumn leaf,
That easily dispelled my private grief.

by Timofey Fedotov (16)

Competition - The Poetry Trials

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