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The Universe For A Soul

I've met people with beautiful souls,
So different, yet so alike at the same time.
I've met people with stars for a soul,
Brighter than the concept of another life.
I've met people with the moon for a soul,
Eerie, silent, dusting everything they pass with whispers and mysteries and tales of forgotten lovers.
I've met people with the sun for a soul,
Warm, bright, divine. The cause of life and death itself.
I've met people with blazing fires for souls,
Burning through life with unquenchable rage and passion.
But there's someone I cannot forget.
The one; a beautiful soul, painted with all the colours
known to mankind,
Standing out in our bleak existence.
For they have the entire universe for a soul.
This very being is made up of galaxies and nebulas,
Every single atom is a piece of stardust.
A revolutionary, a rebel, the embodiment of free will and strength.
A person whose heart and mind is a spiderweb of beauty and intelligence and kindness.
I can see how every inch of them is formed from the sun, the moon, the stars and everything in-between.
I just hope they can see it too.

by Elise Sleigh (14)

Competition - The Poetry Trials

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